Our professional hair removal salon can offer you effective and comprehensive waxing and hair removal services for attractive prices. We are one of the best waxing salons not only in West Sussex, but also in the entire UK.

In our salon we can offer you hair removal from legs, underarms, forearms, eyebrows and many more. Most of the offers we realise for East Grinstead clients, but also for those in the whole West Sussex counties.

Waxing services we offer:

Lycon waxing – the best idea if you want to get rid of short hair from the body or face. We can offer you three variants of Lycon waxing these being: hot waxing, strip waxing and Lycojetting. Most often this type of waxing is used for very short hair (up to 1mm), but it is also possible to use the strip-method to remove longer hair of about 2mm of height. Hot waxes area easy to re-heat without using their effective grip.

Hollywood bikini waxing – this type is also known under different names such as ‘Sphynx’ or ‘Brazilian bikini wax’. Having your skin waxed in a Hollywood bikini style will leave it entirely hairless (from the belly button down to the very buttocks and both in the front and on the back). This is an excellent decision if you plan to spend the time on beaches and hot tropical climate where you can comfortably wear your bikini.

Full Leg: £30

Half Leg: £19

Full Leg with Basic Bikini: £40

Basic Bikini: £19

Brazilian: £30

Hollywood: £36

Underarm: £12

Forearm: £17

Full Arm: £21

Lip or Chin: £12

Lip & Chin: £18

Eyebrows: £12