Introducing the MBS PowerFirm Brightening Skin Treatment Course; combining skin rejuvenation, power brightening, maximum hydration, skin healing and non-surgical facial toning, firming and lifting!

MBS stands for Mind Wellness, Body Confidence, SkinSmart. As an MBS Expert, I focus on service and how I can best serve you through lifestyle tips, help, advice, bespoke skin treatments and Dermalogica skincare products.

The purpose

  1. Personal Training on your face for one month. An advanced workout for your facial muscles; to lift, plump, tone, and firm; while minimising the appearance of fine lines and stimulating collagen and elastin production.
  2. An Intensive, powerful and brightening professional exfoliation to help prepare the skin to receive the Dermalogica Powerbright products. Which will help to combat uneven skin tone, dry/dehydrated skin, sun damage, pigmentation and skin congestion.
  3. This intensive, advanced and professional course has been created as part of the MBS Bespoke Skin Journey. It has been designed to prepare and support your skin through the summer months of higher UV exposure and to maintain optimum skin health and safety plus visible results.

* This course of skin treatments is the perfect introduction for new MBS clients embarking on their MBS Bespoke Skin Journey.

The Treatment

  1. The Ultrasonic skin peeling device to deeply cleanse and effectively exfoliate your skin.
  2. A Touch Therapy facial massage to relax your facial muscles to receive and get maximum results from the next part of your treatment.
  3. The BT Cocktail Lift (a two-step mini facial lift) Intensive lifting, firming and toning; to power things up and maximise results I will be using the Powerbright C-12 Pure Bright Serum!

The Course

Duration four weeks, eight treatments. Two 45 minute treatments per week, 48 hours recovery time before the next treatment. Investment £75 per treatment

*New clients please add £120 for your MBS LifeStyle Consultation to be completed before your first treatment.

Are YOU ready to embark on your MBS Bespoke Skin Journey to healthy, radiant and smooth skin plus experiencing your best version of you from the inside out?

Experiencing your MBS Connection is the equilibrium between your inner and outer self-care.

For full details of how this treatment can revolutionise your skin care regime call Dominika