Here we present to you one of the finest quality nail polish consultant service provided by our experienced and skilled beauty care specialists. Our beauty salon offers the best quality of nails and toe nail care services.

Nail services we offer:

OPI GelColor nails – we can offer you fully professional nail polishing using one of over 30 different OPI GelColor colours available. This option provides great health to your nails and, at the same time, it adds fashionable and effective shine. Using GelColor polishes results in a professional and great-looking nails for a long time. Moreover, GelColors cure very rapidly – even up to 20-30 seconds. The application is very easy with one thin coat, waiting for about half a minute and then apply the top coat which provides a vivid and effective coverage.

Shellac nails – with this kind of nail treatment you have the chance to use the best and the most effective solution for fashionable nails. Using Shellac method you don’t need any filling – the thin layer of polish, a quick break for cure and another coat will do to get an excellent design. The curing is performed using the UV lamp (for about 10 seconds after the first layer of coat has been applied. The very application is very easy – after filing you use the thin layer of the Shellac nail gel polish and cure it for about 2 minutes (under a UV lamp). Then we apply the first coat of Shellac nail polish and put the hand again under the UV lamp. Finally we apply the top coat layer of Shellac and cure it under the UV lamp for the last time. After that you can enjoy the full colour effect of your nails.

File and polish (Nails): 15 mins £13

File and polish (Toes): 15 mins £18

Add an extra £5 for French finish.