Your personal skin care journey starts here! How to awaken your R.E.A.L. woman; by finding your harmony around connecting your mind, body, and skin (The MBS Connection)! The result is loving and nurturing your R.E.A.L. woman.

R….Respect yourself
E….Embrace your uniqueness
A….Accept who you are
L….Love yourself

It is my intention to bring back the FUN into looking good and feeling amazing in our own skin! It has become way too serious so let’s get back to keeping it R.E.A.L!

This is NOT about perfection; it’s about finding your harmony around your R.E.A.L woman. I want to shift your mindset and make this journey FUN, EXCITING, INSPIRING, AND REAL! I’m going to help you experience YOUR MBS Connection!

Here’s where we start – a SkinSmart Lifestyle Consultation and Bespoke SkinSmart Treatment that will change your skin and life forever!

I will guide you through an in-depth SkinSmart Lifestyle Consultation to reveal how you FEEL about yourself and your skin.

The Bespoke SkinSmart Treatment is a facial that has been designed to help women to look and feel amazing in their own skin. Created specifically for your particular skin needs; using multi-tasking, results proven award winning Dermalogica skin care products plus revolutionary non-surgical facial toning and skin rejuvenation systems, for maximum skin health results.

At your SkinSmart Lifestyle Consultation we will discuss your general health, including any medical issues.

  • Both inner and outer self-care
  • The way you live your life
  • General lifestyle habits
  • How YOU feel about yourself
  • Self Care Rituals

All the above prove useful in troubleshooting any skin concerns and will help establish your expectations of MBS services.
This treatment is truly revolutionary because it is customised every step of the way exclusively for YOU!

The first visit is approximately 2 hours 15 minutes and includes YOUR Lifestyle Consultation and first skin treatment; your investment is £120.

I look forward to supporting YOU on YOUR skin journey and helping YOU experience YOUR MBS Connection and “rocking out” YOUR best version of YOU!

For your full consultation and first skin treatment please allow 2 hours 15 minutes and your investment is £120.